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Policy news
  • Jimei waterfront district

    Jimei waterfront district,In the northeastern gulf of almond shaped,Use of land9.84Million square meters。Total building area37.47Million square meters,Residential construction5100Sets。A total of one house、Fannie and Freddie、Three room three family,In the area70Square meters or so,The whole...

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  • Jimei si 3 garden

    Si 3 garden is located in jimei of affordable housing projects in the north station,Adjacent to xiamen mail processing center。Total land area55148Square meters,The construction area121324Square meters,The rate38.5%,For building density22%。This piece of protection...

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  • Garden apartment

    This project contains6Building25-31Layer of high-rise residential、1Building31Single apartment(Contain4Focus on business)And utility,2Layer podium as commercial housing、In a building3Layer of the kindergarten, etc。Set the parking garage and equipment room on the second floor underground part。

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  • After wu apartment

    Total building area228813.00Square meters,With the ground163980.96Square meters,Underground64832.04Square meters。Housing3459Households,The single apartment868Sets;A one-bedroom apartment2448Sets;The hall door143Sets。

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  • The apartment near the lake

    Project location for the city center for young people、The process of urbanization、Elite white-collar use offset noble convenient housing housing projects,In order to“Urban inhabit、Landscape their homes”The theme of design thought,Create a popular with the market、...

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  • Harmony adjacent apartments

    The total land38064.88Square meters,One of them1#Plot18433.31Square meters,2#Plot19631.57Square meters,Total building area179943.71Square meters。1#Plot the transportation is convenient,Set up four27Layer apartment and business,For the apartment30Square meters...

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